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High Tea Box

Our delicious High Tea Boxes can be enjoyed by anybody at any time. We have boxed up some of our delicious favourites to create the perfect Afternoon Tea to be delivered straight to your front door. 

The Box is made up of:

- 1 Sandwich (4 Triangles)
- 2 Mini Sausage Rolls
- 2 Cheese Straws
- 1 Plain Scone with Clotted Cream and Jam
- White Chocolate and Cranberry Flapjack
- Rocky Road

(Fillings can be swapped, choose from: Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Cheese or Ham on a choice of White or Malted bread)


Boxes are priced at £9.95 and must be pre-ordered. They are available for Delivery (delivery orders must be over £12) or available for Collection from any of our shops.  

High Tea Box - 2022.jpg

Cream Tea Box

Cream t box.jpg

The perfect treat for the family to enjoy in the sunshine or to send to a friend or relative as a surprise using our Home Delivery Service.
Each pack contains:

- 1 x 4 Plain or Fruit Scones
- 1 x 113g Devon Clotted Cream

- 1 x Pot of Jam
- Napkins and Knife set 

Boxes are priced £7.00

Sandwich Boxes 

A box of deliciously fresh sandwiches, perfect for any occasion whether its a picnic in the park with friends or an office meeting. Choose from either Ham, Egg Mayo, Cheese or Tuna Mayo on a choice of Malted or White Bread. Chicken and Prawns are also available for an extra 70p per round. 

2 Rounds - Perfect for two   (8 Triangles)  £5.75

4 Rounds - Perfect for four  (16 Triangles) £10.00


Sandwich box.jpg

Donut Box 

Donut box 2.jpg

Indulge in one of our donut boxes, this tasty box consists of 5 of our mouth watering donuts: 

- Custard Donut

- Cream Donut

- Caramel Custard Donut

- Lemon Meringue Donut
- Strawberry and Cream Donut

Priced at £6.48. For collection or delivery but must be pre-ordered the day before. 

Bakery Box 

A delicious selection of our best savoury and sweet goods to share with the family on a summers afternoon in the garden. Our boxes are made up of:

- 4 Small Flaky Sausage Rolls

- Chocolate Swiss Roll

- Plate Pasty

- Cheese and Onion Quiche

- 4 Plain Scones

- 1 x 113g Clotted Cream

- 1 x Pot of Jam 

They are priced at just £18. If you would prefer a vegetarian option please see our veggie box.

Bakery Box.jpg

Bakery Box - Veggie

Veg Bakery Box.jpg

Our Veggie box is also priced at £18 and includes:

- 8 Cheese Straws

- Mushroom Quiche 

- Homity Pie

- Cheese and Onion Slice

- 4 Plain Scones

- 1 x 113g Cream

- 1 x Pot of Jam

- Pink Swiss Roll

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